Centrozero Studio - Your Company's Radio Broadcast

Your Company's Radio Broadcast


Studio is a Streaming platform with application in several functions, such as call waiting services, background music with advertising, etc.

On this platform, it is possible to manage the Streaming of each of the locations, with regard to the music playlist and announcer advertising.


Every moment of contact with visitors and customers is critical in the times we live in.

Whenever a customer calls and waits for his call to be answered, listening to a single-phase sound or, at best, music, on the loudspeaker of his telephone set;

When the customer waits in the waiting room for his turn to be served and listens to the radio music in the background;

Or even when your company plays music while providing services to the customer, or the customer wanders around the store, listening to a radio with advertising for other brands and companies (including your competition).

Now, the solution is the broadcasting of music and vocal content, as in a radio broadcast, but in which your company 100% controls everything that is broadcast.

Issue Playlists and content aimed at each platform and target audience in your company.

In Studio, you have the possibility to customize what you hear who calls the telephone answering service for each department. It manages to ensure that background music and advertising messages are broadcast to the various locations of the company, with contents adjusted to geographic factors, market segments or other relevant factors in the activity.

Different content for different audiences

Studio allows you to create not only differentiated playlists for each department (on the phone and on site), region and country, as well as advertising messages with voiceover that can be strategically broadcast in each location or group of locations. In this way, they can create campaigns valid for one or more destinations, in a differentiated way, without negatively influencing the others. This is because with centralized management, they can choose which destinations will have each message.

Message Scheduling

By scheduling the duration of each message globally or by location, you can manage the start and end dates, so you don't have to worry about messages out of time. When the start day arrives, the message appears, and on the defined end date, the message is withdrawn.

Your Radio Broadcast

Whenever the speaker speaks, the music continues to fade out, just like a professional radio broadcast.

The frequency of each voice message is adjusted according to your preference and can be easily edited on the platform.

They can load several playlists depending on the musical genre, time of year or other factors, and allocate them to the places they want.

Regarding the voice of announcers, they can choose to use a professional with whom they wish to work, or request recordings by our professional announcers, either in the studio or without TTS, without any limit.

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