applied to Hotel

PBX applied to Hotel

PBX applied to Hotel


Cost-effective solution to ensure easy communication

PBX provides voice connectivity to reduce communication costs. If necessary, Gateways can be installed to provide seamless interoperability with analog hotel phones and make the transition process extremely fast. This also helps the Hotel save additional investments as all existing analog phones are preserved.

PBX offers a full range of features without extra license fees: auto attendant, call recording, weather condition, etc. This helps our customers to embrace and use technology more easily and quickly.

Hotel app with hospitality features to streamline your workflow

We integrate advanced hospitality features with the innovative Hotel App in your App Center. By navigating through the hotel application's web GUI, front desk workers can now easily schedule wake-up services with personalized greeting prompts, manage the reservation and monitor room status in just a few clicks.

They can also obtain phone and restaurant charges to generate personalized charge reports for customers at checkout. In addition, advanced features such as call rate and holiday settings are also provided for custom hotel pricing strategies.

VPN server to improve telephone system security

The VPN server in PBX can protect security and maintain productivity. All sites are connected via VPN and each site has its own telephone line, which greatly guarantees the connection between sites. Analog telephones in rooms and offices are seamlessly integrated into the system through a Gateway, minimizing investment in infrastructure as it centralizes call management. In short, it helps the Hotel to connect its entire main building, secondary building, reservation offices, restaurant and boutique in a cost-effective and secure way.

Softphone to empower the team with great mobility

The PBX provides a robust Softphone and empowers the resort team with great mobility. With the mobile client installed on the hotel's administrative teams' mobile phones, all Hotel employees, cleaning services and receptionists are now perfectly connected, even on the go. They are equipped with all the functionality of desk phones. Features include call transfer, call recordings, corporate directory, etc. This allows Hotel teams to stay connected anywhere and deliver an exceptional guest experience with reduced response time.

Hotels can enjoy all the benefits of a modern IP telephone system with excellent flexibility, high efficiency, great mobility and great savings in telephony costs. Furthermore, all analog phones can be maintained thanks to the gateway. Simply put, the scalability of our Switchboards offers our customers an ideal hospitality solution to strike a perfect balance between costs and benefits.

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