What is it?

VoIP - What is it?

VoIP - What is it?

VoIP works differently from a traditional phone call but is similar to other forms of data that are transmitted over the Internet.

There is a conversion of analog voice communication into data packets which are then sent over an IP network. VoIP uses codecs to encapsulate the data, send the message, and then remove the packets from the encapsulation, converting them back to audio at the other end of the connection. This process eliminates the use of circuit switched networks for voice transfer. VoIP also reduces network infrastructure costs, allowing operators to provide voice services over broadband and private networks. It also allows companies to operate with a single voice and data network.

Furthermore, to fully utilize VoIP, the user needs a computer or network capable of terminating the device, an Internet connection and VoIP software (softphone). The user must also have a microphone, analog phone adapter, or a VoIP phone.

Since VoIP passes over the IP network, all user data will be stored in the cloud where settings are easily accessible through a universal online dashboard, often called a VoIP app. With the help of this dashboard, the user can access the your data such as contacts, phone numbers and customer information. The panel also configures new call settings and adds new phone numbers whether the user is traveling or just in the office. Below are some other highlighted features of VoIP.

    Take an analog call and digitize it.
    Digital packages are converted to analog to complete calls for traditional telephony customers.
    VoIP calls can be made from computer to computer.
    VoIP voice call quality can be much better than your traditional phone.

VoIP calls

Following are three common ways to initiate a VoIP call.

IP Phones

IP phones look like any traditional phone. These IP phones connect directly to the network via cable or wifi and have all the necessary hardware and software.

Computer to computer

This is another type of VoIP call that doesn't need a traditional phone service to make the call, Skype is a good example of this. Thus, the call is made through software and the data packets are transmitted to the receiving end directly through the VoIP service servers.

Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA)

This is the simplest and most common type of VoIP call. It allows the user to connect a traditional phone. The traditional telephone analog signal is converted into digital data packets that are ready for transmission over the internet.

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