Voice Marketing

Whisper to your customers

Voice Marketing

Voice Marketing


Whisper to your customers, with a very special voice!

The use of recorded voice and delivered as a call to your potential and current customers is an innovative Communication and Marketing tool that leaves no one indifferent.

Ideal for companies that use public figures as ambassadors of their brands and events, Voice Marketing allows the recording of an audio spot with content of relevant interest to its recipients, with the voice of brand ambassadors and events.

Alternatively, the voice of professional speakers can be used, with the same results.

Using its own customer database, as well as collected from events, information requests, workshops and other contact moments, your organization will be able to communicate with your target audience through the voices of prestigious ambassadors you wish to designate.

The content of the message depends on the objective to be defined for each Campaign:

- "pull" a sale, working as a lead trigger for the sales department, to close sales;

- thanks for participating in a workshop/information request/event/etc;

- publicize an event and subsequent registration during the call.

Have a communication tool that speaks in the ear of your company's public.


Advantages of Voice Marketing Solutions

  • Appropriate solution for communication of Campaigns, Promotions and communication of events, queries, appointments, etc;
  • Appropriate solution for reporting current accounts, notices of bills being collected, among other information;
    Perfect system for collecting commercial leads, transferring the call to the Commercial Department;
  • High efficiency in terms of results and query times;
  • Access to delivery reports.
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