Click to Call

Receba chamadas de quem visita o seu website

Click to Call

Receive calls from those who visit your website

Through a Click to Call Button on the Website, in the E-mail signature or in any other place, you are providing an immediate and free contact to those who visit you.

Receive the call on your computer and mobile phone at the same time.

Advantages of Click to Call solutions:


  • Appropriate solution for communication of Campaigns, Promotions and communication of events, queries, appointments, etc;
  • Direct and immediate contact between the website visitor and its commercials;
  • High efficiency in terms of time and availability;
  • Integration with Telephone Exchange;
  • Integration by web page or API.


Click to Call Button Demo

Click the "Test Now" button to test the Click to Call functionality.

You only need to have activated your sound (speakers, headset, etc) and your microphone, otherwise the connection will be automatically disconnected.

In this test, you will hear an automated attendant, with the possibility of talking to one of our operators.


Test Now

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