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The future of PBX is here!

PBX is the reference product in our portfolio. It combines the advantages of a dynamic call management and advanced routing system with a management and analysis interface with a high level of usability.

With our Cloud PBX, your company can have a PBX, without having to purchase any hardware and without any connection or physical infrastructure.

Our technology integrates directly into your device, allowing you to communicate easily and receive calls directly on your computer screen or in a mobile application.

Your company will want to have one!

Dynamic Call Control

Get real-time information from the caller so you can respond in the most appropriate way in each case.

We have the most sought after features for remote Homework!

You can also record the calls you want and access them at any time.

Know in real time the status of each user (Available, Busy, Disconnected).

Main business features:

  • Use different equipment to connect to the PBX (Telephones, Mobile, PC, Tablet, etc) and in any location;
  • Chat system for collaborative chat between users;
  • Real-time consultation of the Telephone Directory;
  • Fax to Email;
  • Music on Hold.



Funcionalidades de Chamadas

Call Features

With Pre-Attendance, you will always welcome those who call your Organization or Company. Use the IVR to forward the caller to the respective department, using an option on the telephone keys.

With the Call Group feature, you will create groups of users who will receive calls directed by sectors or functions, in order to facilitate the service that contacts your company.

Additional features:

  • Service Hours;
  • Call transfer;
  • Conference;
  • Access to Voice Mail in the App and E-Mail;
  • Queue Management;
  • Click-to-Call by WebRTC (Call button on site).


Our IVR collects the necessary information from the caller and forwards the call to the most appropriate destination. Allows the caller to interact with the service through a heartbeat-by-touch system (DMTF).

The IVR system makes it possible to manage the incoming flow of calls according to the options provided in the Welcome message. In this way, the distribution of call traffic is carried out by the PBX, according to the option introduced on the telephone or mobile phone keypad, removing work from the recipients and forwarding incoming calls.

DTMF is a simple and robust technique that allows you to interact with callers and gather information about them by tapping the numbers on the telephone keypad.

Estatísticas e Histórico de Chamadas

Statistics and Call History

Information for any company is very important. In the case of the PBX, the list obtained from calls received, made and not answered is relevant for daily use, as well as for Management, in its planning of costs and human resources.

Extract statistics and history in real time, with specific and detailed information about each call.

Call detail records (CDR) are created for consultation and download.




When you are not available to receive a call, it can be diverted to your voicemail.

You can access voice messages via the control panel or from your email, where they will be sent as an attached audio document.

Set up voicemail for your team members and define the cases in which calls should be diverted.

Never miss a contact. If you are not available to answer, your Voicemail will be at the service and will be with you if necessary!

Integração Fax2Mail

Fax2Mail Integration

We live in an age of electronic messages, whether it's Electronic Mail or Instant Messaging.

But we do not forget or abandon those who for some reason still need to use Fax.

It makes less and less sense to have a device working exclusively for the Fax function.

And that's why we make it possible to integrate the Fax2Mail service directly into the interface, thus avoiding having to maintain a traditional line for your business's fax.

The faxes you receive will be delivered to your email box. It's practical and doesn't waste ink or paper.


Allows easy Management through Web Interface.

Additionally, it allows API integration with any software, in addition to the existing modules for direct integration with the main CRM and business applications:

  • Microsoft Teams;
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365;
  • Salesforce;
  • SugarCRM;
  • ZOHO;
  • Bitrix24;
  • Microsoft Oulook;
  • Google Contacts;
Trabalhe em Equipa em qualquer local

Teamwork anywhere

Without the need for plugins or additional software, it offers its employees the freedom to connect to the company's telephone system, manage multiple calls, initiate the hold session and transfer calls directly from any internet browser or from a mobile phone, office, at home, from abroad or walking down the street.

It allows members of your company to remain productive and fully integrated into the team no matter where they do their work.

It includes an instant messaging (IM) service between your team members, making teamwork even easier, even when they are not in the same location. Exchange of written messages (chat) with file transfer, so that nothing is left unsaid or matters to be dealt with!

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