Fixed Voice Lines

Replace the public network access that is traditionally provided on the copper network

Fixed Voice Lines

Linhas de voz fixa

Discover the offer of fixed voice lines with numbering in Portugal by SIP Trunk.

Fixed Voice Lines via SIP Trunk are suitable for use in IP Telephone Exchanges and IP Phones that support the SIP Protocol, allowing you to make and receive calls with your company's Portuguese fixed network telephone number.

In this way, they replace access to the public network that is traditionally provided on the copper network. We assign new fixed numbers or, if you already have voice lines, you can port the company numbers to our service.

Prices for this service include:

  • Equipment for voice VPN connection for greater security and speed of support;
  • Line subscription value, communication channels, geographic and/or nomadic numbering and, where applicable, calls made to different destinations.

Advantages of Fixed Voice Solutions

  • Fixed voice services have associated national telephone numbering in Portugal, which allows the customer to make and receive calls from other telecommunications operators, whether national or international;
  • You can keep the telephone numbering and the features of the voice service of services with Portuguese numbering that you have in operation;
  • Billing for services is monthly and with a payment term of 30 days;
  • The service can be used anywhere in the world, as long as the customer has data connectivity, allowing him to be contactable with costs equivalent to as if he were in Portugal;
  • This service allows you to enjoy very competitive tariffs without the need to change the contract with the current Internet operator;
  • The service is very flexible in terms of contracting the number of external channels simultaneously (it only depends on the equipment used and the bandwidth of the data connection) and telephone numbering.

Available integrations

Fixed Voice over SIP Trunk can be integrated into all SIP Trunk compatible Voice over IP Switchboards.

In addition to these, integrations are certified with:

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